Dead foxes found with bullet wounds near golf club

time:2023-06-02 17:19:03source:BBC News (British Broadcasting Corporation) author:Press center9

Four dead foxes have been found near a County Down golf club with wounds believed to be from an air rifle.

Clandeboye Golf Club said it was liaising with the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) after the remains were found near their grounds at the weekend.

In a tweet, the club said it was "disgusted that someone would treat animals this way".

The chief executive of the USPCA described it as "cruel and barbaric".

Each young fox was found with a bullet wound near its neck, Nora Smith told BBC News NI.

Ms Smith questioned how anyone could carry out such a senseless act on four defenceless animals.

Nora Smith said the person or people behind the incident had only strengthened the charity's resolve in getting greater protection for the animals in Northern Ireland.

Ms Smith said the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland would be outraged by the shooting of young foxes.

At this time of year, foxes were eager to come out of their dens and explore, which makes them vulnerable, she said.

Foxes are born during Spring and there are usually four to five in each litter.

The group Lost and Found Pets North Down said it was informed about the dead animals by a member of the public on Saturday.

A volunteer for the group inspected the animals and suggested they had been shot with an air rifle.

"We received an anonymous tip-off of a group of dead cubs found near the golf club and the greenkeepers then went out and searched but could not locate any of them," the group told BBC News NI.

"We then received a call on Sunday from a dog walker who discovered three cubs laid about two or three metres apart on a pathway.

"We understand a golfer initially found them on the course and moved them and placed a blanket over them."

The spokesperson added that a fourth dead cub was then later found with similar injuries.

Police say they have not received a report about the incident.

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