Coachloads of royal fans travel for Coronation

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Coachloads of royal fans from Barnsley have travelled to the capital for the "once in a lifetime" chance to watch the King's Coronation.

More than 80 people made the early morning start for the 175-mile (282km) journey to London for the celebrations.

Among those were mother and daughter Sandra and Alex Hanna who had made their own crowns to mark the occasion.

Mrs Hanna said: "It's a once in a lifetime chance to watch such a big moment of history."

The pair said they both wanted to make the trip because they were hopeful of seeing King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Mrs Hanna, who was born 10 days after King Charles, said although they were raised in different circumstances she and the King had a "shared history".

She added: "You can't soak up the atmosphere through a TV screen. For me, the monarchy is relevant and provides stability for us all."

The three coaches set off from the South Yorkshire town at 04.30 BST and arrived in London at about 08:45 BST.

The journey was broken up by a stop off at Watford Gap services so passengers could get into the celebratory spirit with a a glass of prosecco and strawberries.

Sandra Creeton said she had been up since 01:30 BST getting ready for the big day and had made the trip because it was something she would never see again.

"It was a military operation this morning, one in the shower, then the second, third, fourth.

"It's something you've got to do. It's a part of history and will be fantastic to experience."

Dressed in red, white and blue and wearing a crown, passenger Kathleen Lowe said she was excited for the day ahead.

"It's our history and we've got to keep it and embrace it and be positive about the country."

She added: "I want to be a part of the whole experience because it's something I will never get to see again."

Meanwhile, back in Barnsley many people had gathered in the town centre to mark the event.

Jeff and his six-year-old granddaughter Francesca have joined the crowds to watch the celebrations on a big screen.

Francesca said it was a "brilliant day" and had enjoyed sitting in the makeshift throne.

She added: "I felt like the Queen a lot."

Alongside them were Zoe and Rob who had brought their children to watch the event.

Zoe said: "I just thought it'd be nice for the kids to be here so they can always remember where they were for the Coronation."

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